la recette pour une vidéo corporate parfaite

How to make a good video? Solid Rusk’s secret recipe

Nowadays, video is an extraordinary way to give your company visibility and raise your profile. As long as it’s punchy! There’s nothing more counterproductive than a video that’s boring, lacking in rhythm and animation, and whose message you can’t really understand. So stop looking for ways to make a good video! In this article, we give you Solid Rusk Production ‘s secret recipe for making a good, impactful video that will stand out from those of your competitors!

Table des matières

A good analysis of demand

Making a good video is cool, making a good video that matches the initial request is better 😉

And 60% of the success of your corporate video depends on pre-production!

That’s why Solid Rusk Production’s teams take care to meet with you so that you can express your company’s needs face-to-face, and talk directly to a dedicated contact (the future videographer and/or project manager).

The purpose of this first meeting is to determine the video’s target and objective, as well as the tone to be given to the film according to the chosen medium. Following this meeting, a detailed brief will be sent to you to ensure that the proposed project meets your expectations.

And once this brief has been validated, the Solid Rusk Production teams can start work.

Cinematic image quality

Even if your ambition isn’t to win a Golden Globe, but to promote a new product on video, present your company, or show your competitors how much more stylish your seminars are than theirs, don’t skimp on the image quality of your video. Because it’s this quality that will set you apart from your competitors, that will highlight your company (or product) and that will transport viewers into your world. And since it’s the experience that sells, make your prospects dream with cinematic image quality!

Top-of-the-range equipment used by experts

It’s not enough to own a Formula 1 🏎️ to become a real driver. Just as it’s not enough to have top-of-the-range equipment to be a video expert. On paper, it’s great to have a videographer who invests in quality equipment for his clients, but you have to make sure he knows how to use it. Beware of all that glitters 😉

Lucky for you, at Solid Rusk Production, our videographers are image experts AND work with top-of-the-line equipment to express their creativity, and thus produce top-of-the-line videos for our customers.

Solid Rusk Production videographers use Panasonic’s Lumix range, and in particular the Lumix S1H, Netflix approved 😉, equipment that has proven itself in a multitude of feature films … #TuDoum🎬

Incomparable sound quality

Sound is just as important as image in a video, all the more so if it’s a corporate or promotional video. Quality sound will add depth and dimension to your message, while poor quality sound could distract viewers and detract from the overall quality of the video, or worse, annoy them.

That’s why sound experts Solid Rusk Production use different microphones, depending on the location and purpose. We have several tie microphones, a boom mic for recording ambient sounds and a Zoom H4n for more precise recordings. But then again, equipment isn’t everything! The configuration of the equipment, the sound recording and mixing will make all the difference to the sound quality of the video.

Calling in professionals is essential, because professional, high-quality sound will help you convey your message effectively, and add a touch of credibility and professionalism to your video.

Hand-picked music illustrations

Illustrative music is a powerful tool for professional videos that can greatly enhance the viewing experience and reinforce the video’s impact. It also helps to convey emotions, reinforce the message conveyed, and create an atmosphere in keeping with your branding.

But to do this, you need to choose the right video.

For example, for a video promoting a high-tech product, electronic-sounding music might be appropriate, while a video showing nature scenes might be better accompanied by orchestral-style music.

It’s also important to ensure that the music matches the tone of the video. If it’s a serious video, don’t use music that’s too light or offbeat.

So we wouldn’t recommend playing the latest Dua Lipa soundtrack if you’re making a promotional video if your company sells cruises for seniors. It sounds sensible enough, but it’s important to remember 😉

At Solid Rusk Production we’re very particular about the quality of the music we offer our customers, which is why we have access to a database of music, produced by artists from all over the world, in all different styles. We use hand-picked, royalty-free music, which can be found on online music bank sites or via streaming music services that give us access to a wide selection of music from around the world.

Hand-crafted storytelling

The cornerstone of a successful video, video storytelling creates an emotional bond with the audience and conveys a message in a clear and memorable way.

Storytelling is an integral part of a company’s signature. That’s why Solid Rusk Production offers you tailor-made storytelling for your company, defining how the subject is to be brought to life, and what direction is to be taken to talk about this or that subject, all in line with the company’s values and brand image. We make sure that these are consistently reflected in the video, as they help build customer confidence and set you apart from the competition.

Storytelling is unique to each videographer, each with his or her own way of telling stories, expressing creativity and artistry. To choose the right videographer and make sure he or she is the right storyteller, you can ask him or her for more information, and/or view past videos in the same field as yours. It’s up to you to see if his artistic flair strikes a chord with you 😉

A happy customer who wants to share the video

At Solid Rusk Production, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we have no limits on video modifications. We work on the principle that there are always several stages of validation, within reason of course, so you’re free to make as many changes as you like, until you get the video that perfectly meets your expectations.

If the customer wants to share the video, so will the viewers, and the video will be a success.

Creating emotions ❤️

A great video is a great story, and everyone loves a story!

Video is a powerful vector of emotion. Which is a major advantage if you want to leave a lasting impression on your prospects! But that’s the tricky part …. If storytelling is a profession in its own right, video storytelling is all the more complicated, because you have to be able to tell a compelling story in a very short space of time!

Solid Rusk Production’s videographers are true emotion creators, able to convey your message in a short, clear and impactful video!

To sum up …

  • ✅ Good demand analysis
  • ✅ Cinematic image quality
  • ✅ Top-of-the-range equipment, used by experts
  • ✅ Incomparable sound quality
  • ✅ Selected music illustrations
  • ✅ Hand-sewn storytelling
  • ✅ A happy customer who wants to share the video
  • ✅ Creating emotions


That’s the recipe for a good Solid Rusk Production video! 🧑‍🍳

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Article written by Emeline l Prête-moi ta plume