Meet your team

Julien GEAY

CEO / Creative Director

Everything started in 2011 when two passions converged : Skiing and filming. After success in various outdoor film festivals, companies started to get interest in his work and vision. This is when he gathered a team to endorse bigger projects, from advertisements to documentaries, to field reports in Africa to international events. He is now at the head of a tribe of creators, The Solid Team.

Roberto Silva

Photography DIRECTOR /
Second cameraman

Long term collaborator and a very good friend, Roberto has a cinematic vision on each project. He knows before anyone where to place the camera and which settings will be right depending on the light and the atmosphere. Calm and a solution finder, he is indispensable on set.

Valentin BROUSSE

Sound Designer

The ears of the Rusk. Valentin has the ability to immerse you into any story by adding the right sound effects that he carefully handpicks himself from his extensive library. You will find him at his studio, or out and about with a boom mic and a headset, recording life. More recently, Valentin has diversified into sound design for video games and we can’t wait to see his work. 

Keep up the good work fella.


business ops

Passionate and serious about getting your visibility to the highest level, overtime, he became an essential asset to the Solid Rusk team. Julien has a strong management background, as CEO, Marketing Director and Digital Officer for many brands and large variety of domain activity.

Stay with us buddy.



We all have a story.

We started our journey by filming friends on the Isola 2000 Snowpark. We had a game which was to put a rusk in a pocket, going down the hill and arriving at the bottom without breaking the rusk. Then, the name “Solid Rusk” came naturally when we first started in 2009 and that’s how the Rusk Team was born. Ever since, we help people telling amazing stories that can change the world.

What we love to do

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft beautiful content for amazing people.

Solid Rusk turns your ideas into high quality and effective content. When you collaborate with us, you get a team that understands your priorities and work hard beyond expectations. 

What we believe in

Our Vision

Everybody has a story.

The question is not how we are going to tell your story but when. In a very quickly changing world, we offer the right content, for the right audience, at the right time. At Solid Rusk, we are striving to become the French Rivieira’s N°1 Video Agency and best place to go for video content creation.

Let's create something great together.

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