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How to find a good videographer?

Has your marketing director tasked you with finding a good, competent, friendly and inexpensive videographer for the next corporate film? It is like finding a needle in a haystack? You are not the only one. From the outside, the world of video production can be a confusing place. But do not panic! Here we share Solid Rusk’s top 10 tips and tricks to find a good videographer for your next video ⤵️ (with a bonus at the end because we’re nice like that 😌)


Our first advice for finding a good videographer is, above all, to consult their portfolio. Professionals generally have a platform (website, social networks, blog, Behance, etc.) on which they display past videos, thus demonstrating their talent, expertise and professionalism. If what you see in this portfolio ticks all of your boxes, then it is very likely that your expectations of any project can be met. Now all you have to do is contact them 😉

⚠️Be on your guard if you come across a videographer who doesn’t have a social media page or website, as a general rule. 

2/ Choose an independent videographer with experience

Working with a freelance videographer for the production of your corporate videos, institutional films and event reports has many advantages.

A freelancer working alone and independently means you benefit from a single person who co-ordinates everything. Able to be reactive and make rapid changes to the project at short notice. The independent videographer working without hierarchy within his company, the various stages of validation are therefore greatly simplified and the deadlines for restitution greatly reduced.
By choosing to work with a specialized service provider, you are choosing a person who is passionate about their profession, capable of regularly questioning themselves to ensure the best service for their customers and offer experience and knowledge which is constantly developing. 

You benefit from a service at the best price. The rates charged by independent videographers defy all competition since they are paid by each job individually.

The use of a freelance videographer is done in the greatest simplicity: a request for a quote, a signature, and the project is launched!

3/ Choose a service provider who has experience on different subjects

We are convinced that the name of a diploma on a CV is not everything, and even less in artistic fields such as video. Nevertheless, a good videographer must know the standards and characteristics of audiovisual production and these are generally instilled in the field. A videographer who has produced videos on different subjects will be better able to adapt to your project and thus transcribe your ideas more simply.

Even though there are many other diplomas to acquire the skills of a director, the diploma does not make the videographer! Do not hesitate to learn more about his work. You don’t judge a film by its poster 😉

We work internationally in multiple locations.

4/ Choose specialized agencies

Unlike traditional communication agencies, the agency specializing in production also supports you in video consulting. Working with you directly from the reflection phase. It will guide you to choose the right idea, the right format, the right content to present your product/service or your expertise in video. The specialized agency will analyze all your criteria: budget, target market, needs, expectations, competitors… They will advise you on the realization of your video project but will also help you to set up a global strategy, from pre-distribution to the final distribution of your video to arouse the greatest interest of the public and aim to make your video successful and profitable.

We specialize in field reporting in developing countries. MEDISAFE Project / Client: Expertise France


Companies, and videographers themselves, don’t have the same budgets. The question of the price must therefore absolutely be mentioned when making contact. We advise you to request several quotes, to inquire with several service providers (agencies and freelancers), to compare quotes and advantages / disadvantages.

But beware, the price should not be the only determining factor in your choice! Choosing the cheapest does not necessarily mean choosing the best, far from it. Also watch out for low prices. They could hide a lack of expertise in the field.

Remember, what matters most is the price/quality ratio!


6/ Make sure of his motivations

For long-term collaborations, nothing beats a service provider with whom the feeling goes well! The videographer is a provider of solutions, you must feel in him the desire to make a beautiful video, beyond satisfying you. If from the first phone call he offers you ideas and already has solutions (which are feasible!) to portray your vision, you are dealing with a passionate person, and the story can begin.

7/ Choose a service provider who listens to your expectations.

A good videographer must take into consideration the needs of his client. To do this, he will have to ask you several questions in relation to your project and the products/services you offer, but also to your company, the target audience, your competitors, your marketing strategy or any other element allowing him to produce a video of quality, meeting your expectations.

During your first exchanges, the videographer must also and above all listen to your expectations and needs, and take the time to answer your potential questions.

8/ Detail the service together

During the first meeting, it is essential to address the two most important questions, namely: who are the target and the audience of the video?

These two questions are essential because depending on your audience, the video formats will be adapted. For example, a vertical video will be preferred for posts on Instagram with a very short format and subtitles. While we prefer a classic format of 3 minutes maximum for publications on Linkedin or YouTube.

Also, the tone of the video will be adapted according to your audience: a corporate video for a professional B2B audience, a light and dynamic video for a general public B2C audience.

Your videographer will therefore have to offer you the ideal format for the objectives you have set for yourself.

The first pages of a technical offer for a client.

9/ Ask questions about editing

Editing is part of 49% of the work. A good videographer is also a good editor!

At this level, you can trust him, but ask him about the time needed to view a first version and how many modifications or “round trips” are included in the quote. Sometimes a lot of changes are needed and to avoid confusion, it is best to establish an agreement in principle before signing.

10/ Is he passionate about what he does?

Our last point of attention to be sure to find a good videographer is to capture in him a spirit of resourcefulness, the energy and the desire to want to produce a beautiful video, at all costs. This state of mind, you will feel it from the first meeting.

It is sometimes difficult to make videos because the weather is far from good, because the people present are not ready, because the light is not good… A passionate videographer will always find solutions or make plan tests to achieve its ends and produce a quality video.


And finally, here are the 3 qualities (in our opinion) of a good videographer 📹

The main mission of the videographer is to convey a marketing message through an attractive video. Good production techniques and an artistic touch are necessary, but these are not enough to arouse emotions. Here are the 3 essential personal qualities that your next service provider must have!

♥️ Creativity: Your video must be unique to stand out. It is therefore essential to use a creative spirit to tell your story in a given time. The choice of setting, decor, staging and type of production are extremely important to hold the target audience in suspense and make them want to watch the video to the end.

♥️ Passion: The videographer must be passionate about his profession, which will allow him to be driven on a daily basis by the desire to always give his all, to go further in his projects and to meet ever crazier challenges. In a video, especially the short ones, every second and every detail plays a determining role in the impact that the video will have and how the story told will evoke emotions. Only a passionate person will be able to dwell on the details!

♥️ Patience / Organization: A good videographer must be patient and responsive, especially in the face of obstacles they may encounter: logistical problems related to equipment or bad weather, budgetary constraints, unforeseen events of all kinds, etc. This requires adaptability and a keen sense of organization!

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