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The video interview: 10 original formats that will be a hit in 2024

Looking for original ideas to replace the traditional corporate video with a human, authentic video that will give your digital communication a boost? You’ve come to the right place 😉.

How about adopting the video interview formatfor your company? Conducted in an original way, the interview is a great way to create interactive content that adapts easily to different communication channels: snack content format for social networks, or longer for your internal communication. Solid Rusk Production has put together a selection of the most popular video interview formats.

But first, a quick overview of the advantages of a corporate video interview:

  • Quick to produce

Most of the content is provided by the interviewee. The most important thing is to pace the interview with out-of-the-ordinary questions.

  • Dynamic videos

The question-and-answer game gives your marketing communication a dynamic edge, and a change from the traditional corporate video.

  • Humanize your company

This is an excellent way to humanize your company’s image. Internet users love being able to put a face behind a brand name!

  • Snack-content to capture attention

It’s easier to capture viewers’ attention with this type of format. The sequence of questions and answers keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

  • A 360° strategy

This format is relevant to your entire digital strategy: attracting prospects, boosting your employer brand or animating your internal employee community.

In short, you’ve got it. Thevideo interview is an excellent choice for boosting your communication strategy and propelling your brand on social networks.

“Fast & Curious” INTERVIEW

Internet users love snack content, and the Fast & Curious interview , made popular by Konbini, is formal proof of this. Once a video format used more in the private sphere, this fun, dynamic format is increasingly popular with companies and the salaried public.

The principle is simple, and based on the same format as the TV show “tea or coffee“: ask binary questions, in the form of a Cornelian dilemma, in a short, rhythmic video: evening or morning? Pain au chocolat or chocolatine? Open space or closed office? Beyoncé or Rihanna? Paris or Marseille?

It’s a format that’s a hit on social networks, because it delivers a maximum amount of exclusive information and news in a short space of time, in a fun and authentic way.

A real boon for your employer brand image, this video interview format skilfully blends the professional and private spheres, with lighter questions for all managers and employees. Hierarchies are put aside to have fun together.

Solid Rusk Production produced a video in this format for Franchise Directe:

The original employee interview

How can you make candidates want to come and work for your company? Give your employees a voice!

Original interviews with your employees are an excellent way of enhancing your employer brand. This format allows you to show the general atmosphere within your company and/or network, and reinforce your employees’ sense of belonging. You gain in authenticity and transparency.

Like Dietplus, with this video produced by Solid Rusk Production:

The video faithfully conveys the personality of the interviewee, or even your company’s DNA and general atmosphere. This kind of snack content video will greatly benefit your employer brand.

Indiana Café called on Solid Rusk Production to produce a video with a simple concept: ask the teams what their favorite product on the menu is.

Recommendation, authenticity and conviviality: these are the ingredients that make this kind of video a success.

Expert interview(s)

This fun format allows you to promote your company to a wider audience.

It’s a great way to build brand awareness, both with prospects and future employees.

Call on an expert in your sector, or have two experts compare their views to create a debate and share even more value with web users.

Horus Pharma called on our services to highlight certain techniques used by surgeons using one of their products.

Feature interview

Corporate reports aren’t just for 1:15pm on Sunday! Combining interviews and video reports creates an original format that immerses your customers and prospects in your world.

How do you do it? By illustrating the interviewee’s words with images filmed on your company’s premises, guided by one of your employees. It’s a great way to show what goes on behind the scenes.

That’s what the Steak n Shake franchise did, for example, with Solid Rusk Production.

"Fast Life” interview

A variation on the “Fast & Curious” format mentioned above, the Fast Life recipe contains the same key ingredients of snack content: rhythm and a pinch of humor.

Here’s an example with an equally offbeat French actor, Edouard Baer:

Also developed by French media company Konbini, this format allows interviewees to briefly introduce themselves. The concept is simple: in around one minute, you answer a series of short, precise questions.

Fast Life allows the interviewee to express themselves freely and authentically, as they don’t have time to think about their answer.

It’s a format that’s perfectly suited to the professional sphere, with questions that can be very diverse: more company-oriented or more personal.

As the aim of this format is to enable your employees to learn a little more about you, it’s best if the questions are a little “offbeat”, so as to really reveal the personality of the interviewees, their tastes, their career path, their ambitions, and so on.

It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues, have a good time and facilitate the onboarding of newcomers to the company.

The sidewalk interview

Why not introduce your employees using a model inspired by the world of journalism? The “Micro trottoir” interview is ideal for gathering authentic, on-the-spot testimonials!

Solid Rusk Production ‘s videographers gathered the opinions of visitors to the Franchise Expo trade show. You can also take advantage of this type of professional event to interview your own franchisees!

Alternative: Take a stroll through the open space or the aisles of your production line and gather testimonials from your employees! You’re free to adopt a corporate or offbeat tone, with questions geared to your objective!

The manager's offbeat interview

While corporate videos or seminar videos help to highlight the company’s image as such, the offbeat interview shows the executive in a new light. It reveals the person behind the title/leadership hat.

Solid Rusk shares some ideas with you:

  • The CEO randomly picks out offbeat questions posed in advance by team members.
  • He answers customer questions.

The mobile interview

In this mobile interview format, the series of questions and answers takes place in a location representative of your company. The aim is to highlight your departments, your premises, your day-to-day environment, a key place in your company’s history, and so on.

You can choose to highlight the atmosphere in your open space, for example.

In this video produced for Everfruit Digital, the founder and CEO takes a stroll through the streets of Lyon, the company’s stronghold, to give an overview of the franchise market and introduce the agency’s activities. He then returns to his offices to introduce his team.

(source: Everfruit Digital video produced by Solid Rusk Production)


You’re bound to have come across a Brut video while scrolling with your thumb on your smartphone. Their dynamic, eye-catching content has a way of grabbing our attention in an instant, thanks to their highly specific format.

And if clarity and conciseness are the key words of this format, here the aim is not to be entertaining but to share a message clearly and concisely using content that is persuasive and professional, with no frills.

Here are the ingredients of a successful Brut interview:

  • highly sequenced editing
  • colorful subtitles to emphasize what you’re saying, support what you’re saying, and keep the audience’s attention.
  • graphic elements that “pop”: highlighting, underlining, arrows, etc.
  • dynamic alternating shots
  • a subtitle cadence that varies throughout the video, to break the linearity of the video.
  • a subject filmed from several angles, to emphasize his or her eyes, expressions and attitudes.

For a successful interview “à la Brut“, there’s one watchword: dynamic sequencing. As this interview with Alain Chabat shows:

Elevator Pitch Interview

Here, the originality of the format lies in the location: an elevator.

Ever heard of the Elevator Pitch?

The principle is simple, and based on a very real situation: you have to capture the interest of a prospect you meet as you get out of the elevator, and you’ll have less than a minute to convince him or her to listen to you. This is a daunting exercise, as you need to be able to summarize your value proposition in less than a minute to convince someone who doesn’t know you from Eve or Adam, and who, if your pitch isn’t good, will have forgotten your existence by the time they step out of that elevator.

This format takes the rules of the game of this marketing exercise literally, for an original video interview that promises to be a lot of fun for your teams to shoot!

Source: video by Makidoo, a smartphone video editing application

This list is far from exhaustive, but you now have some ideas for an original video interview. For more ideas, take a look at the different video interviews we’ve produced for our customers.

Call on Solid Rusk to create and produce your video interviews.

Based in the south of France, our videographers work with professionals in Monaco, Cannes, Nice and Avignon.

Confiez-nous la réalisation de votre prochaine interview vidéo originale ! 

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Article written by Emeline l Prête-moi ta plume