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Franchise Expo Paris: A look back at our participation to the Exhibition

Table des matières

The Salon de la Franchise (Franchise Expo) 2024 is a must-attend event for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors wishing to explore new opportunities and trends in the world of franchising. This annual event brings together the most innovative and dynamic brands in the sector, offering a unique opportunity for networking, learning and business development. Solid Rusk was once again a regular participant at this year’s event.

Solid Rusk at the 2024 Franchise Fair

Like every year, Solid Rusk was at the 2024 Franchise Expo, an opportunity for us not only to meet our customers, but also and above all to produce numerous videos and interviews for the brands we support in their content production, without having to travel to the four corners of France.

The Salon de la Franchise, better known as Franchise Expo Paris, is the world’s biggest franchising trade show, where franchisors exhibit their concepts in more or less elaborate stands (depending on the portfolio!) and where visitors, potential investors, come to find out more about franchises and their advantages.

Over four days, the Salon de la Franchise was synonymous for Solid Rusk with lots of handshakes, negotiations, meetings, cocktails and exchanges in the heart of the 3000M2 Hangar 1 at the Parc des Expositions in Paris. Tiring but very rewarding.

Since 2017, Solid Rusk Production has been working hand in hand with Franchise Directe, a franchisor/franchisee matchmaking platform exhibiting at the show. Once again this year, in order to promote their concept, Solid Rusk was asked to produce around twenty franchisor interviews over two days of filming. These informative videos will be added to the franchisor profile on their website, so that potential investors can get a “look & feel” of the manager.

Franchise Expo was also an opportunity to carry out other interviews for another loyal customer, Ever Fruit Digital, the first digital agency 100% dedicated to the world of franchising.

Once the camera was turned off, Solid Rusk’s teams met with other customers at the show: Steak n’ Shake, DietPlus and Indiana Café.

Solid Rusk returned to Monaco with the equivalent of 5 hours of film to unwind.

A recap video from 2021, but the concept remains the same.

Take advantage of trade shows to stock up on videos for your social networks

Trade events such as Franchise Expo offer a unique opportunity to capture moments that underline not only your reputation, but also the richness of your business relationships. It’s a real rendez-vous for meeting partners and collaborators, breaking the digital barrier of a professional relationship based on emails, whatsapp messages or phone calls throughout the year. Participating in this type of event helps to strengthen ties with your customers and partners.
Trade shows bring together in one place the various stakeholders in your network, including franchisees from all over the country. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture these interactions on video, immortalizing testimonials and filming interviews, which can be used to feed your social networks and promote your franchise network on the web.
Aware of this, Julien, videographer and founder of Solid Rusk, didn’t hesitate to make the trip from Monaco to attend Franchise Expo. His presence over four days was crucial in enabling many franchise networks to produce captivating video content for their social networks, reinforcing their brand image with a wider audience.

What videos should you shoot at a trade show?

At a trade show like Franchise Expo, diversifying video formats is essential to capture the attention of your audience on social networks. Here are a few ideas for enriching your video content:

Micro-trottoir of participants

The micro-trottoir allows you to gather opinions, impressions or anecdotes from participants in just a few seconds. It’s dynamic, spontaneous and reflects the general atmosphere of the show.

Example: ask visitors about their favorite innovation at the show, or why they came.

Employee interviews

These interviews highlight the personal experiences, success stories or projects of franchisees and associates. They humanize your brand by presenting the stories behind the professionals.

Example: an employee shares his or her success story within the network.

Interview for Everfruit Digital, a growth marketing agency specializing in franchising.

Interview with the founders

These interviews offer an insight into the founders’ visions and ambitions, illustrating the brand’s driving force and values.

Example: the founder explains the origin of his concept and his vision for the future of the brand.

Interviews 2024 with Franchise Directe, a franchisor/franchisee networking platform.

Franchise interviews

Similar to employee interviews, but focused specifically on franchisees, this format highlights their stories, challenges and successes.

Example: a franchisee discussing the benefits of being part of the network and how it has impacted his or her career.

Each of these formats has the potential to create an authentic connection with your audience, showing different facets of your company and the show.

For your next event, call on Solid Rusk Production to capture these moments and boost your social networking presence with professional video content.

Article written by Emeline l Prête-moi ta plume