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BUYING GUIDE: What video equipment to create content for social networks?

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Video has become one of the most effective ways of capturing attention and engaging an audience on social networks. Whether you’re a content creator, an entrepreneur or a business, investing in the right equipment can make all the difference in producing professional-quality videos, without relying on a specialist video production agency like Solid Rusk Production. In this article, we’ll take a look at the essential equipment you need to create impactful video content for social networks.

For each section, Solid Rusk offers 3 options to suit your budget: affordable 💰, intermediate 💰💰 and premium 💰💰💰.

Image capture 🎥

If you want to make movies, you just need something that shoots“.

Yes, but which one?

The first step to creating high-quality videos is to have a good camera. You don’t necessarily need a high-end camera to get started. These days, many smartphones offer high-performance cameras that are perfectly suited to creating video content for social networks. As an example, we’re currently editing a film shot entirely on iPhone and GoPro, of a mountaineering expedition in Peru. The image is stabilized and in 4K. However, if you want to invest in a dedicated camera, opt for one with a built-in stabilizer, to avoid problems during editing.

💰 Your smartphone camera

As we’ve already said, the cheapest thing to do is to use your smartphone. Today’s phones are equipped with high-performance cameras (4K or 1080p). Another major advantage is that you already know your phone! So you can concentrate on mastering the other aspects of a video, starting with scripting and editing. What’s more, your smartphone is a multitasking tool that will enable you to manage your content from creation to broadcast. The use of editing platforms such as Adobe Express or Canvas offers an infinite number of templates to help you create your content, adapted to each distribution channel.

💰💰 The vlog camera

Depending on the type of content you want to share on social networks, vlog cameras – a veritable extension of content creators’ arms – will quickly become your ally!
Vlog cameras are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and use on the move. You can easily slip a vlog camera into your backpack or purse, allowing you to capture spontaneous moments and create content anywhere, without being encumbered by bulky equipment. The latest modern vlog cameras offer high video quality and advanced features such as optical or electronic image stabilization. This enables you to capture crisp, professional videos, ideal for social networking.

💰💰💰 Hybrid / SLR

Shooting video with these cameras opens up a wide range of creative possibilities for novice and professional videographers alike! Thanks to their outstanding image quality, advanced manual control and interchangeable lenses, you can capture professional videos with precise depth of field and striking detail.
Manual settings (at least, if you’ve mastered them enough) such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity offer total control over visual aesthetics, while image stability and the possibility of using accessories such as stabilizers and external microphones guarantee exceptional sound and visual rendering. Perfect for short video sessions (30 min) and shooting wherever you want (much more compact than a camcorder),
With an SLR or hybrid, you’re in the big league! But beware: unlike your smartphone, filming with a hybrid requires a thorough knowledge of the tool.

Sound recording 🎙️

Audio quality is just as important as video quality. Built-in microphones on cameras or smartphones can pick up unwanted noise and deliver inferior sound. Investing in an external microphone, such as a lapel or directional microphone, will greatly improve the clarity and sharpness of the audio in your videos. While omnidirectional microphones record sound in all directions at 360°, Solid Rusk recommends the use of cardioid microphones, which pick up sound at an angle of 100/150°. Although this option is generally more expensive, it allows you to restrict the recording field and thus minimize unwanted noise. However, it is crucial that the microphone is aimed precisely at the person speaking.

💰 The lapel microphone

Widely used for interviews, micro-trottoirs and by content creators, whether on Youtube or social networks, the lapel microphone represents an economical and effective option for capturing sound directly from the subject being filmed. Rode’s Wireless Go is the best lavalier microphone available today.

💰💰 The studio microphone, or voice-over

As the name suggests, this microphone is primarily designed for indoor use, allowing sounds to be captured within a neutral sound environment, such as a studio.
Ideal for recording podcasts or studio interviews with a small group, the studio microphone is widely adopted by YouTube content creators or trainers.
This type of microphone is capable of capturing every nuance of the voice, and guarantees accurate reproduction of subtle sounds.

Don’t forget the pop filter! It will prevent any discomfort caused by a sudden increase in the volume of your voice, filtering out breathing noises and any “pops” when pronouncing consonants such as “P”, “B”.

💰💰💰 The "super-cardioid" microphone

If you’re a fan of the 7th Art, or if you want to shoot video on location while maintaining a professional look, you’ll have to turn to “canon” microphones, or so-called super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid microphones. Yes, you know, the famous boom mics 😉

These are exceptionally precise microphones that record sounds coming from a given direction. These are extremely precise microphones that record sounds in a given direction. Typically used in fiction filming, sound effects studios or even in wildlife sound capture for documentaries, the shotgun microphone is the ultimate sound pickup.

To ensure optimum efficiency when using this type of microphone, the use of a boom and mixer is essential. This means additional costs, on top of the initial investment in the microphone itself. It’s best to get in touch with a sound engineer who knows how to work efficiently with his or her equipment.

Additional accessories ➕

Depending on your needs, you may wish to consider other accessories such as a green background for inlays, filters to adjust color and contrast, a tripod to hold the camera still, a stabilizer to reduce shaking and jerking during camera movements and ensure smooth, stable video, and headphonesto monitor audio during recording. Inexpensive lights can also be used to soften shadows when shooting indoors.

Moteur, ça tourne ! 🎬

Now you’ve got the tools you need to make quality videos, with the right equipment for your budget!

With the right equipment, you’ll be ready to produce captivating, professional videos that will attract and hold the attention of your audience on social media platforms.

Remember, creativity and practice are just as important as the equipment you use. So get out there, explore and hone your skills to create video content that stands out on social networks.

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